Children's Dentistry in Baytown, TX
Children's Dentistry in Baytown, TX

Finding a practice that can provide high-quality children’s dentistry in Baytown, TX can be challenging. Dr. Kamdi Irondi and our hygienists at KAM Dental have decades of combined experience providing healthy smiles for people all over Texas, and children are some of our favorite patients. We love helping parents train their kids to follow cleaning routines and dietary habits that lead to stellar long-term oral health.

Why Is Children’s Dentistry in Baytown an Essential Service?

Why Is Children’s Dentistry in Baytown an Essential Service?

Every month, Dr. Irondi sees children and teenagers with low self-esteem, dental anxiety, and difficulty following a healthy diet because of oral health issues. Healthy teeth, gums, and lips significantly impact the cognitive development of people under 18, leading to higher school attendance rates, academic performance, and more fulfilling social experiences.

According to research from News Medical, children between two and 11 years old are more likely to develop cavities than adults. Around 42% of American children in these age brackets form cavities because of poorly supervised oral hygiene practices, sugary drinks, and junk food consumption. Kids also love adventure and are more prone to having chipped and cracked teeth from running accidents, doing tricks on a skateboard, or engaging in various behaviors people grow out of as adults.

Most experts recommend that children visit the dentist twice a year to eliminate preventable conditions. For example, many people develop night grinding, vitamin deficiencies, and oral damage from acid reflux as children. In addition, psychosocial behaviors like excessive shyness around strangers, social withdrawal, and feeling unattractive also take root in people as kids from poor oral health.

Regularly visiting KAM Dental in Baytown for dental care helps your child establish healthy oral hygiene habits and a brighter, more confident smile.

Finding a Holistic Family and Children’s Dentistry in Baytown, TX

Our family dentist at KAM Dental is experienced in caring for people from all age groups, and we see love seeing families visiting all at once. Here is a list of the services we can provide your family:

  • According to the CDC, more than 50% of American children below eight years old have cavities in their primary teeth; we offer treatments as well as preventative dental exams and cleanings.
  • Teenagers are notorious for consuming excessive amounts of snack foods, soft drinks, and inconsistent at-home oral hygiene, leading to dental cavities and discolored teeth. We help them maintain a healthy smile by providing high-quality fillings, root canals, and age-appropriate whitening treatments.

We know most children don’t look forward to seeing the dentist. We strive to make our dental office as fun and welcoming as possible for your child.

In addition to a friendly staff and fun environment, we also offer sedation dentistry for young patients with severe anxiety or special needs.

Do You Need a Children’s Dentist in Baytown, TX?

KAM Dental’s professionals are trained in dental care for children and teenagers. Call us at 281-421-5950 for quality children’s dentistry in Baytown, TX.

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