Dental Bonding in Baytown, TX
Dental Bonding in Baytown, TX

KAM Dental is a provider of dental bonding in Baytown, TX helping hundreds of people in our local community preserve as much of their natural teeth as possible every year. We strive to make every dental procedure as comfortable as possible by creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

If you have a chipped, cracked, or decayed tooth, our state-of-the-art equipment and bonding materials can restore your beautiful smile.

Who Needs Dental Bonding in Baytown, TX?

Who Needs Dental Bonding in Baytown, TX?

While dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure for most people, we also perform them to prevent food particles from sticking to damaged teeth, leading to bacterial infections and gum diseases. Dental bonding is completely reversible, although we have never had a patient return to the clinic to undo our fine work.

If you come in for dental bonding in our Baytown dentist office, Dr. Irondi will use a composite resin substance that matches the natural color of your teeth to close gaps, repair cracks, and improve the appearance of your smile. You might need it if you have:

  • Tooth discoloration from smoking or excessive consumption of colored foods
  • Dental chips and dents from accidents
  • Misshapen teeth due to genetic factors or dietary habits
  • Old dental fillings that need replacement
  • Difficulty eating hot and old foods because of receding gums

Our dental bonding process does not require anesthetics because it is virtually painless; Dr. Irondi will not interact with the nerve endings in your gums and teeth. Although a few patients experience slight sensitivity following the procedure, the discomfort is minimal.

The Dental Bonding Process

KAM Dental offers straightforward assessments and time-efficient dental bonding in Baytown, TX, for patients of all ages. Here is a quick look at how we do it.

  • The dental bonding process starts with a consultation where Dr. Kamdi Irondi will ascertain your aesthetic goals and recommend the best path toward them.
  • We will take X-rays and perform a dental assessment of your gums and teeth to ensure you will not encounter problems in the middle of the procedure.
  • We will select the appropriate shade of composite resin via a shade guide and prime your teeth for application.
  • We will apply the composite resin and mold it to achieve your desired look.
  • We will let the resin stick and dry with some help from a dental curing light.
  • We will polish your teeth to help them shine, making minor adjustments to achieve a clean and seamless look

Dental bonding usually takes under an hour to finish. If we find advanced gum disease, severe tooth decay, or crowding issues, we will create a treatment plan to address them before moving forward with dental bonding. Our priority is to help you achieve your healthiest and best-looking smile.

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Don’t let gapped and decayed teeth get in the way of your perfect smile and impact your oral health. Call KAM Dental at 281-421-5950 and let our dental health professionals give you a brand-new smile with dental bonding in Baytown, TX.

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