Night Guards & Sleep Dentistry in Baytown, TX
Night Guards & Sleep Dentistry in Baytown, TX

It’s never been more critical to understand the crucial role of night guards and sleep dentistry in Baytown, TX. Using dental treatments when you sleep gently corrects issues with your bite, treats bruxism, and prevents sleep apnea. Each sleep-related issue has potentially severe repercussions beyond oral health and is vital to fix.

Some potential consequences include:

  • Sensitive teeth, facial pain, and headaches due to grinding your teeth at night
  • Weight gain, reduced focus, and possible mental health issues caused by sleep disruption
  • Incorrect bites causing a shift in the soft palate in children, leading to speech impediments

You can prevent these serious issues with the dental services in Baytown from Dr. Irondi and the team at KAM Dental.

Night Guards and Sleep Dentistry

Night Guards and Sleep Dentistry

Dental procedures that fix issues like bruxism involve appliances that reposition the tongue or teeth and protect the tooth enamel. By custom-fitting night guards or other sleep dentistry appliances, KAM Dental can enhance your oral and overall health.

Types of Night Guards in Baytown, TX

There are several options available for night guards and sleep dentistry in Baytown, TX.


These work well for mild conditions like teeth grinding. They are comfortable to use, inexpensive, and typically available over the counter.

The downside is that they will not last long and provide very little protection for severe cases. The upside is that they are the most comfortable of the premade options.


These are extremely durable as they consist of high-grade acrylic. If you have a severe issue with grinding your teeth, these provide ultimate protection without moving your teeth. However, they can take some getting used to and might cause minor discomfort the first few times you wear them; they a re also more expensive than other options.

You can partially attribute the cost to their high-quality construction and because you need your dentist to fit them for you. By custom-fitting your nightguards, Dr. Kamdi Irondi can create a more comfortable fit.


If you fall somewhere in-between the two extremes, a dual-laminate guard provides the protection you require with better durability.

How to Choose the Right Option

Your smile journey at KAM Dental starts with a comprehensive examination. It’s difficult for the average person to estimate what they do in their sleep. However, your dentist can make an educated guess based on the damage.

When the dentist completes their examination, they’ll recommend the best option for you. To determine which option is right for you, we’ll consider various factors like your budget, specific concerns, and current oral health.

You can rely on us to provide the best advice for your needs. We will not recommend an expensive custom-fitted guard if a short-term solution is all you need.

Guard Against Future Oral Issues Today

Contact KAM Dental at 281-421-5950 to schedule your appointment and learn if you need night guards or sleep dentistry in Baytown, TX. Whether you need night guards or oral sedation, we can help you improve your oral health and brighten your smile.

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