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If you’re looking for high-quality periodontal care and gum therapy in Baytown, TX, contact dentist Dr. Kamdi Irondi and the clinicians at KAM Dental. Our thorough assessment and deep cleanings help many patients of all ages to eliminate the threats from plaque and tartar buildup, which some don’t know they have.

We provide periodontal therapy, gum tissue repair, and root planing. Every year, we help hundreds of growing kids avoid periodontal diseases, adults prevent tooth loss, and seniors stop gum disease before it does irreversible damage.

What Role Does Periodontal Care and Gum Therapy Have on Your Dental Well-Being?

Some of our patients think brushing their teeth twice a day with light flossing is enough to sustain their dental health, no matter how many sweets and processed foods they consume. However, seeing periodontal care and gum therapy professionals with adequate knowledge about your medical history is essential for your dental well-being. We serve many customers who don’t smoke or eat junk food but still develop various oral conditions and infections after avoiding the dentist for a few years.

According to research from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent causes of oral discomfort and tooth loss in the United States, affecting over 45% of adults. Treating gum diseases in advanced stages can be costly, but establishing a bi-annual checkup schedule with your dentist is the most cost-effective way to avoid them in the future. We recommend committing to regular checkups if you are a smoker, frequently experience hormonal imbalances, or have a history of recurring gingivitis.

Our dentists are the number one providers of periodontal care and gum therapy in Baytown, TX. During your first visit, we will eliminate 100% of plaque, tartar, and discoloration from your gums and teeth. We will also treat possible causes of bad breath, sensitive teeth, and bleeding while flossing or brushing.

Our Services for Patients with Gum Disease in Baytown, TX

Gum disease and periodontal conditions become more likely to develop and spread as you grow older. Research from the CDC indicates that over 70% of senior citizens in America have some form of periodontal disease, leading to the loss of ability to chew food properly and perform oral hygiene practices like flossing and brushing with a degree of proficiency.

To combat this, Baytown dentist Dr. Irondi and his team offer non-surgical treatments like:

  1. Dental scaling: eliminates bacteria and tartar with ultrasonic devices and lasers
  2. Root planing: smoothens teeth roots to stop plaque and tartar from forming
  3. Antibiotic treatments: kill infectious bacteria

Our surgical options involve:

  1. Pocket reduction surgery
  2. Grafts from soft tissue
  3. Bone grafting for individuals with damaged teeth roots
  4. Targeted dental tissue regrowth
  5. Protein treatments
  6. And many more

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