The Benefits of Invisalign: A Clear Path to a Beautiful Smile

The Benefits of Invisalign: A Clear Path to a Beautiful Smile

August 1, 2023

Quite a large number of people are embarrassed by their smiles due to misaligned teeth and bad bites. Fortunately, you can straighten your teeth and perfect your smile with Invisalign treatment. Read on to learn about Invisalign in Baytown, TX and its benefits.

What Is Invisalign? What Are Its Benefits?

It is a type of orthodontic treatment that corrects issues like gaps between teeth, poor bites, and crowded teeth. Invisalign uses clear, flexible thermoplastic dental trays instead of metal braces. The trays are customized to fit over teeth and push them gently to the correct positions. Invisalign aligners are suitable for children and kids as young as seven.

The Invisalign Process

Treatment with Invisalign is straightforward and convenient. The dentist in Baytown will examine your teeth to determine the misalignment issue. Then they will take x-rays and 3D pictures of your teeth using the Invisalign Technology. They will use the images to create a personalized treatment plan and fabricate a series of Invisalign aligners.

Once you have the trays, the dentist will instruct you on how to use and care for them. You will wear the first tray in the series, which will push your teeth gently toward the ideal position. After two weeks, you will change the tray with the next one in the series. You will continue until you have worn all the prescribed Invisalign trays and your teeth are aligned well.

The Invisalign aligners are worn for 20 to 22 hours a day. This is because they move teeth gradually over time. Wearing them for shorter periods compromises the process. They should be removed while eating or taking hot or colored liquids to avoid damaging them.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Straightening your smile with Invisalign aligners has numerous benefits. Below are benefits you can expect during treatment with Invisalign in Baytown, TX.

  1. Fix several dental issues

Invisalign aligners address various misalignments and bite issues improving aesthetics and functionality. The dentist will evaluate your smile and design Invisalign trays to correct any problems. For example, they can fix crowded, rotated, gapped and misaligned teeth. In addition, they can correct a crossbite, open bite, overbite and underbite.

  1. Discreet treatment

Most people want to straighten their teeth. However, they avoid orthodontic treatment due to unattractive braces. For instance, traditional braces have metallic brackets and wires visible when you open your mouth. They detract from your smile and face and cause embarrassment.

However, Invisalign aligners are clear and virtually invisible. They fit snugly over your teeth and are not easily noticed. So, you will get straight teeth while maintaining an attractive smile and appearance. Also, no one has to know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

  1. No diet restrictions

While straightening teeth with traditional braces, your diet is severely restricted. You have to avoid foods that can break or damage your brackets. In addition, you must avoid foods that can get stuck in the brackets and wires, resulting in decay. These include chewy candies, gum, caramel, corn-on-the-cob, hard fruits and vegetables and popcorn.

Fortunately, your diet does not change when using Invisalign. You only need to take out your aligners before eating and taking hot or colored drinks. After eating, brush or rinse your mouth with water, then return the aligners.

  1. Excellent oral hygiene

It is easy to maintain great oral hygiene during treatment with Invisalign. The trays are removable, allowing you to floss and brush your teeth properly. In addition, cleaning the aligners is easy and convenient. However, maintaining proper oral hygiene while using braces is difficult. You will need regular help from a dentist to ensure your teeth remain white and decay-free.

  1. Comfortable treatment

Traditional braces have wires and brackets that cause pain and discomfort during treatment. They scrape against your cheek, tongue and gums, resulting in sores. Also, the brackets and wires must be tightened by a dentist regularly, which is a painful process.

Treatment with Invisalign is comfortable, making it suitable for kids, teens and adults. The aligners are made of smooth plastic that does not scrape against the soft tissues. They are customized to fit your teeth and mouth comfortably.


Straightening your teeth improves your smile, oral hygiene and reduces the risk of oral health issues. Orthodontics with Invisalign is discreet, convenient, comfortable and fast. Book an appointment with the dental professionals at Kam Dental for a perfect smile.