What Happens If a Cavity Is Left Untreated?

March 1, 2023

If you have a cavity in a tooth, it is not something you can be proud of. Whether the hole is minor or significant, getting treatment for the infection by visiting the dentist near you should be your prime objective.

The fact that a cavity has developed on your tooth confirms you are negligent with your dental hygiene practices and don’t see your dentist every six months to help them detect holes in your teeth to provide immediate treatment. Unfortunately, if you have discovered a cavity, you still have time to inhibit further infection by visiting the nearby dentist to fill it in as soon as possible.

Do not consider leaving the cavity untreated because it can result in additional damage and dental complications that are challenging to treat besides being painful and expensive.

What Causes Cavities on Tooth?

Tooth decay is a common condition affecting most people, including children. It is also the most common reason for tooth loss in the young and old.

Your mouth has over 700 species of bacteria, most of them harmless. Unfortunately, the bacteria become harmful when you don’t maintain appropriate dental hygiene and are not diligent with your dental hygiene practices. The bacteria feast on the sugary and starchy foods to deposit dental plaque on your back molars, above the gum line, et cetera. Non-removal of dental plaque results in the hardening of the sticky film into a substance called calculus.

Dental plaque begins forming on your teeth within a few minutes after eating to harden into tartar within 48 hours. Your tooth enamel gets most impacted by the acids in the plaque because they erode it to cause holes called cavities.

Cavities can occur on any teeth and even between them. It is why you must see your dentist frequently for professional exams and cleanings. However, if you already have cavities in your tooth, the optimal technique is to fill the hole as soon as possible without considering delaying the treatment.

How to Deal with Cavities on Tooth?

Dealing with cavities on a tooth is relatively easy if you visit your dentist for six monthly exams. Dentists can detect anomalies with your teeth by taking x-rays and suggesting immediate treatment whenever they notice minor holes in your teeth. However, if you refuse the treatment, the hole expands by burrowing deeper into the tooth until it affects its soft center, the dental pulp.

Please do not assume cavities will heal by themselves because they don’t. In reality, the bacteria continue working tirelessly until they damage the entire tooth, jawbone, and even general health if left untreated. Therefore whenever you notice cavities on your teeth or your dentist identifies one, you must have it filled to prevent the advance of the condition.

How to Treat Cavities?

Dentist’s teeth cavities after ascertaining the extent of damage from tooth decay. Early-stage cavities merely need a simple filling to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, if you have the cavity untreated for long to allow the bacteria to infect the innermost layer of your tooth, you will require the fearsome root canal treatment from the emergency dentist in Baytown, TX, or tooth removal if the damage has extended to your jawbone.

What Happens If You Ignore Cavities?

As mentioned, early cavities in your tooth will not disappear but continue burrowing deeper to cause further decay.

Cavities form when your tooth enamel starts weakening because of plaque buildup. Frequent exams with your dentist can help prevent cavities by providing fluoride treatments.

Cavities permanently damage your tooth when they erode the tooth enamel. You will not feel much pain or sensitivity during the initial stages. However, if you give the condition untreated, you are in for intensive and expensive treatments because when the cavity reaches the deeper layers of your tooth, fillings and crowns do not serve the purpose of fixing the tooth.

If you ignore cavities, you will likely allow the infection to spread to the adjacent teeth and your jawbone, eventually causing you to lose your teeth. Tooth loss brings along considerable expenditure to restore your missing tooth and smile. Therefore you mustn’t ever consider ignoring cavities unless you are willing to display a toothless grin or indulge in considerable expenditure on tooth replacement solutions.

Cavities are not viral infections that you pick up from everyday activities. Instead, bacterial conditions require prompt dental treatment to inhibit their spread. Do not consider cavities inconsequential because they aren’t and are capable of damaging your mouth significantly. Treat them as soon as possible or adopt preventive measures your dentist suggests to maintain your dental health optimally.

Kam Dental treats many patients with ignored cavities approaching them with severe tooth damage. Consider arranging an appointment with them to treat your hole in the initial stages before the damage expands to preserve your natural tooth.