Exams & Cleanings in Baytown, TX
Exams & Cleanings in Baytown, TX

KAM Dental is a leading provider of high-quality dental exams, X-rays, & cleaning in Baytown, TX. Our dentist Dr. Kamdi Irondi and team of dental hygienists perform these important preventive care services every day for a broad range of patients. We have decades of combined experience performing tooth decay assessments and dental cleaning, helping improve the baseline oral health of children, adults, and seniors.

We believe that checkups and examinations don’t need to be expensive to be reliable, and good oral hygiene at home can only carry you so far. According to dental research, visiting a dentist with a working knowledge of your medical history twice a year can go a long way toward preventing periodontal and orthodontic conditions.

How We Conduct Oral Examinations and Dental Cleanings in Baytown, TX

How We Conduct Oral Examinations and Dental Cleanings in Baytown, TX

We send bi-annual reminders to patients whenever it’s time to see their dentist for a checkup or teeth cleaning (prophylaxes). You may need to visit the dentist more frequently if you smoke, consume a lot of sweets, or have certain health conditions. We find that patients who follow their oral examination schedules have better outcomes to avoid tartar and plaque buildup, which could cause gingivitis, infections, and other dental conditions.

Many people secretly fear seeing a dental professional because they might find out they have a problem that’s costly and painful to fix. Regularly coming in for exams, X-rays & cleanings in Baytown, TX is the most effective way to avoid oral health problems. Here is what you can expect on your first checkup with us:

  • Dr. Irondi will examine your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth to detect problems that might cause conditions like halitosis, infections, and tooth loss.
  • We will ask a few questions about your oral hygiene practices and dental issues that you may have encountered since your last consultation or dental X-ray.
  • We will give you pointers on improving your cleaning routines and dental health by indicating which foods and lifestyle habits might be causing your condition if you have one.
  • If we detect gum infections, cavities, or misalignment, we might recommend antibiotics or refer you to an orthodontist.

How to Practice Oral Hygiene at Home

Research from the CDC reveals that over 46% of Americans over 30 years old have a periodontal condition, and gum infections cause severe discomfort in about 9% of them. Even if you don’t smoke and consume junk food regularly, seeing a dentist for exams, X-rays & cleaning in Baytown, TX is essential for maintaining oral health and avoiding expensive procedures or restorative treatments.

Follow these oral hygiene practices to avoid cavities and gum diseases at home:

  • Clean your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste after every meal.
  • Floss twice a day without neglecting your molars.
  • Be knowledgeable about dental conditions that run in your family.

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Contact KAM Dental today for friendly and comfortable dental exams, X-rays & cleaning in Baytown, TX. Call our team at 281-421-5950 for an appointment that works best with your schedule.

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