TMJ Treatment in Baytown, TX
TMJ Treatment in Baytown, TX

Every month, our dentist Dr. Irondi at KAM Dental treats patients of all ages who have been living with temporomandibular disorders like TMJ for years. According to research data from The TMJ Association, about 12% of the American population has some form of TMJ, and a mere 5% of that subset consults a health professional about it. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient and fast-acting TMJ treatment in Baytown, TX to give you long-lasting relief, visit our office for a consultation with the dentist.

Signs You Need a TMJ Treatment in Baytown, TX

Signs You Need a TMJ Treatment in Baytown, TX

Temporomandibular joint disorders affect countless people across Texas, leading to numerous problems chewing food, swallowing, and speaking. The TMJ is a complex mechanism at the base of the head that moves vertically and horizontally. It bridges the two temporal bones on the left and right ridges of your skull to the lower jaw.

A TMJ disorder refers to a broad spectrum of conditions that cause discomfort. It can manifest at any age, even in people with perfect oral health.

Many patients attempt to treat TMJ by self-medicating, which allows their condition to progress unchecked. Here are a few things that could heighten your risk factors for TMJ:

  • You clench or grind your teeth when sleeping
  • You have sustained a recent physical injury to your jaw or face
  • You have rheumatoid or osteoarthritis
  • You have a family history of autoimmune diseases
  • You have had recent oral surgery
  • You recently had a bacterial infection in your oral cavity

Many cases of TMJ arise from environmental, hormonal, or genetic factors. For example, according to, people who play wind instruments and the violin are especially prone to developing TMJ because of the strain on their jaws. Most TMJ cases start with aches, swelling, and tenderness in the jaw area, which later progress into muscle spasms, lockjaw, and an inability to chew properly.

Why Get a TMJ Treatment in Baytown, TX?

Prevention and early detection are your best bets against advanced TMJ, which could be challenging to treat even for orthodontists. Treating your TMJ in its early stages will reduce your physical therapy requirements and save you from going on a diet comprised solely of soft foods.

TMJ reduces the range of motion of your lower jaw, affecting your ability to eat, speak, and make facial expressions. Patients with mid-level TMJ find it challenging to sleep, leading to fatigue, concentration problems, and mood swings. Most treatment programs are painless, affordable, and non-surgical.

Contact Us Today, and Say Goodbye to TMJ

The exact cause of a TMJ disorder varies by case and can be challenging to determine without the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment we carry at KAM Dental. Dr. Kamdi Irondi and his team help patients in searching for causes behind non-specific facial pain, which we usually pinpoint in the jaw muscles for patients with TMJ.

Contact the KAM Dental team today at 281-421-5950 and schedule a consultation for TMJ treatment in Baytown, TX.

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